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Components of Chemical Anchors

Components of chemical anchors
1. The materials that make up the chemical anchors mainly include polyurethane acrylate and quartz sand. The pharmaceutical bag used for packaging is a plastic bag outer bag, which has replaced the glass tube packaging. The bag mainly contains resin, quartz sand, hardener and Some other fillers. Because it contains quartz sand, it can greatly enhance its overall strength and rigidity, especially when used with the screw.
2. We usually use chemical anchors for the fixing of components or equipment under heavy loads, as well as the installation and structural fixing of heavy equipment under shock loads, small margins, and small intervals. It can be applied to concrete and natural hard stone.
In the process of use, the characteristics of chemical anchor bolts mainly include the following points:
1. It has a fast curing time, so it can effectively improve the construction efficiency;
2. Has outstanding long-term performance, seismic performance and fire resistance;
3. It will not produce any squeezing force for the concrete base material, which is more suitable for heavy installation and fixation with small margins and small spacing, so it is very convenient to use;
4. Adopt a new generation of plastic medicament bag, special barb shape, convenient for irregular cavity and vertical overhead installation;
5. The chemical anchor bolt is very safe and environmentally friendly in use, and can be used for the installation of drinking water equipment, so the scope of use is also very wide.
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