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What is the difference between mechanical anchor bolts and chemical bolts

Mechanical anchor bolts and chemical anchor bolts are currently the most important fasteners on the market. In the eyes of many laymen, they should be similar, but in fact there are still differences between the two.
First, there are differences in the way of reinforcement. The chemical anchor mainly relies on putting the chemical pipe into the hole, or squeezing part of the medicine in the container into the hole through a caulking gun, and the screw placed in the hole will When the medicine tube is broken, the screw can be firmly bitten in the wall hole by the pre-tightening force generated by the medicine tube.
The mechanical anchor bolt uses the mechanical locking principle of the screw to anchor the fixed part.
Different anchor bolts have different construction methods, which will cause differences in the construction period. Chemical anchor bolts are anchored by chemical agents, so it takes more time to fully cure the chemical agents, which exceeds The temperature at which the chemical agent solidifies is also likely to cause the quality of the anchor to decrease. For projects with tight construction time, chemical anchors are not a good choice.
The mechanical anchor bolt does not have such a problem, as long as the hole is drilled and anchored, it can be used immediately, and the quality of the anchoring will not be affected in any way, which can save a lot of time.

In terms of the difficulty of operation, in order to achieve a better anchoring effect of the chemical anchor bolt, it is necessary to clean up the dust and residue in the hole, and maximize the contact of the chemical agent with the substrate to achieve an anchoring effect. Skillfully inject chemicals into the holes, which will increase the difficulty of anchoring.