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Advantages of Chemical Anchors

Advantages of chemical anchors
1. The chemical anchor bolt is one of the latest fixed parts in the world. It is a replacement for expansion bolts and is stronger than expansion bolts. It is a combination of a special chemical adhesive and a screw, which fixes the screw glue structure in the base material and combines it into a fixed and anchored combination.
2. Chemical anchors have many functions. They can be used in the exterior walls of office buildings in various areas, dry-hanging construction of marble steel structures, and can also be used with embedded pads to increase its safe use performance. There are also anchor bolts used on the guardrails of bridges and highways, but their production is full of certain dangers. Since the chemicals in the reagent tubes of the chemical anchor bolts are flammable and explosive products specified by the country, there must be The examination and approval of the national safety supervision department can only be carried out, and necessary protective safety measures must be taken, otherwise it will be very dangerous.
3. The chemical reagents of the chemical anchor must be packaged in a sealed glass tube. The chemical components must not be in direct contact with the air, and there is a shelf life. If the shelf life expires, the transparent liquid will appear black and thick, which is not conducive to production. The use of it will also have a bad impact on the quality of the project used. For its subsequent acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, and heat resistance
The quality of the product has a big impact. In addition, chemical anchor products have long-term load stability in humid environments, good drought resistance, flame retardancy and shock resistance.
4. Chemical anchor bolts, as a technological substitute for the expansion bolt series, will certainly make a great contribution to the construction and development of the world in the future. Therefore, the production and sales of chemical anchor bolts are a good choice for the standard parts industry.
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