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The Difference Between Chemical Anchor Bolts and Chemical Bolts

The difference between chemical anchor bolts and chemical bolts
Chemical anchor bolts: use chemical methods to plant diameters to fix the anchor bolts and the foundation or others together. Anka anchor bolt: This is a kind of anchor bolt introduced from abroad. Generally, the anchor bolts of imported equipment are
This kind of anchor bolt, especially European equipment, has an open metal sleeve at the back of the anchor bolt. After being driven into the foundation, the rib is tightened, and the opening is enlarged and fixed. Post-cut bottom anchor: it is very common in our market
The expansion bolts with sleeves cannot be fixed separately. They need to be fixed after being squeezed with the fixed object. The main reason is the structural limitation of its open sleeve. Core anchor: The back of the anchor is open, and there is a steel nail in the center. bolt
After implanting the foundation, you only need to knock the steel nails, and the openings will be enlarged and fixed after the steel nails sink. The bolts are used for connection. Anchor bolt
The head is embedded in concrete or other things. Of course, the bolts can also be embedded in it. The anchor bolts are usually drilled and buried later. For example: when hex head bolt anchor bolts, expansion screws, chemical anchor bolts are fixed with bolts, you need to clamp the head of the bolt before rotating the nut. One end of the anchor bolt is buried in the concrete, and you can turn the nut directly .
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