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How to Use Chemical Anchors

How to use chemical anchors
The use method of chemical anchor bolts: the installation of post-embedded parts in the stone dry hanging construction, and can also be used for equipment installation, road and bridge guardrail installation; building reinforcement and reconstruction and other occasions. Because the chemical reagents contained in the glass tube are flammable and explosive, the manufacturer must be approved by the relevant state departments to produce. The entire production process requires strict safety measures and uses an assembly line that is completely isolated from the staff.
1. For concrete.
2. One is the expansion bolt based on the principle of mechanical expansion, drilling-knocking in the screw-tightening the nut-screw fastening; the other is the chemical anchor bolt that fixes the screw by bonding;
3. The installation of chemical anchor bolts is also called planting bar. The holes need to be cleaned first, and the drilling depth and curing time are required. Usually, it can be tightened the next day after planting the bar.
Characteristics of chemical anchors
1. Acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance
2. Good heat resistance, no creep at room temperature
3. Water stain resistance, long-term load stability in a humid environment
4. Good welding resistance and flame retardant performance
5. Good seismic performance
Advantages of chemical anchors
1. Strong anchoring force, just like pre-buried
2. No expansion stress, small margin spacing
3. Fast installation, fast solidification, saving construction time
4. Glass tube packaging is conducive to visual inspection of the quality of the tube agent
5. After the glass tube is crushed, it will act as fine aggregate and be fully bonded.
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