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Application of Chemical Anchors

Application of chemical anchors
1. Chemical anchor bolts for the anchoring and connection of the glass curtain wall of the building;
2. Anchor connection of various dry-hanging natural artificial slabs on the outer wall of the building;
3. The anchoring connection of various industrial and civil electrical equipment and the base;
4. Chemical anchor bolts for the anchoring of various pipeline supports and cable trays;
5. Anchorage of electric pole and lamp post base device;
6. Anchoring of various billboard brackets in the field or on the roof of buildings;
7. Fixing of guardrail pillars beside roads, highways and bridges;
8. Anchorage of ship's cable pier in port and wharf;
9. Relevant to the reinforcement and connection of masonry.
Carbon Steel Hot Dip Galvanized HDG Chemical Anchor