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Principle of Chemical Anchor Operation

Principle of chemical anchor operation
1. According to the requirements of the engineering design, drill holes in the corresponding positions in the base material. The hole diameter, hole depth and bolt diameter should be determined by professional technicians or field tests.
2. It is necessary to use percussion drills or water drills for drilling operations when drilling.
3. Use a special air cylinder, brush or compressed air machine to clean the dust in the drill hole. It is recommended to repeat it more than three times so that there is no dust and water in the hole.
4. When carrying out the construction of chemical anchor bolts, ensure that the surface of the bolts is clean, dry and free of grease.
5. To make sure that the anchor pack of the chemical anchor bolt is damaged in appearance, solidified by the agent, etc., put its round head down into the anchor hole and push the bottom of the hole.
6. Using an electric drill and a special installation fixture, insert the screw with strong rotation until it reaches the bottom of the hole. Impact cannot be used.
7. When it is screwed to the bottom of the hole or the mark on the bolt, stop the rotation immediately and remove the installation fixture. Disturbance should be avoided after the gel is completely cured. Overtime rotation will cause the loss of glue. This affects the anchoring force of the chemical anchor. Chemical anchor bolts can be used to remedy some missing steel bars during construction or when the steel bars deviate from the design position;
8. Chemical anchor bolts can also be used to anchor the columns, beams, corbels, etc., the rooting connection between the rear-buried connecting plate and the concrete in the steel structure. Therefore, its use range is very wide.
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