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The Characteristics and Scope of Application of High-strength Chemical Anchors

The characteristics and scope of application of high-strength chemical anchors
Features of high-strength chemical anchors:
1. Suitable for heavy loads and various vibration loads.
2. The spacing and margins are small, suitable for small spaces.
3. Anchorage without expansion force, no extrusion stress to concrete, suitable for various substrates, and performs better on concrete with poor strength.
4. The construction temperature range is wide, from 15°C to 40°C.
5. Safe and convenient
6. Large anchoring thickness.
7. Convenient installation and operation, fast consolidation after installation, and high bearing capacity.
The scope of application of high-strength chemical anchors:
1. Used to fix ordinary steel structures, bases, guide rails, column caps, column feet, corbels, fences, stairs, curtain walls, flat steel and section steel, embedded steel bars, embedded formwork, etc.
2. It is suitable for dense natural stone with the strength grade of ordinary concrete greater than or equal to C15 (uncracked concrete).
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