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The Use and Characteristics of Chemical Anchors

The use and characteristics of chemical anchors
Characteristics of chemical anchors:
1. Corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and aging resistance;
2. Good temperature resistance, no stress relaxation at room temperature;
3. Water mark resistance, long-term load is stable in a humid and cold natural environment;
4. The construction and installation are simple and convenient, and both the level hole and the top hole can be constructed;
5. Sufficient tensile strength can also be shown in the wet and cold anchor hole;
6. The rotating hole on the PCB is small, and there is no surging working pressure after installation;
7. Can be constructed under negative temperature;
8. Anti-vibration, relieve visual fatigue, and anti-aging;
9. After the steel bar is anchored, it can be welded and constructed, which is similar to the embedded part;
10. Fast load-bearing, good tensile strength, high shear stress resistance, and construction in extreme natural environments can be considered.
The use of chemical anchors:
1. Reinforcement anchoring connection of building curtain wall glass;
2. A variety of dry-hung pure natural synthetic bluestone slabs on the wall of the building are anchored by steel bars;
3. The anchoring connection of various electrical equipment and the base of the manufacturing and civilian types of electrical equipment;
4. Reinforcement anchoring of various pipe supports and cable bridges;
5. Anchorage of steel bars installed at the base of telephone poles and lamp posts;
6. Reinforcement anchoring of various advertising sign support frames outdoors or on the roof of buildings;
7. The installation of the guardrail support beside the main road, highway, and highway bridge is fixed;
8. Reinforcement anchoring of cable piers of port logistics ships;
9. The structural reinforcement connection of the relevant glass fiber reinforced plastic infill wall.
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