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The Difference Between Stereotyped Chemical Anchors and Ordinary Chemical Anchors

The difference between stereotyped chemical anchors and ordinary chemical anchors
As we all know, chemical anchor is a kind of fixed material, which is composed of chemical reagent and metal rod. Using a special chemical adhesive, the screws are glued and fixed in the holes of the concrete base material to form a composite part for fixing the fasteners.
The so-called stereotyped chemical anchor refers to a certain type of chemical anchor, that is, an anchor with a fixed screw diameter, effective embedding depth and adhesive. The stereotyped chemical anchor is mainly used to fix the anchor plate to the concrete base, or directly fix the concrete base of the vertical keel. Compared with ordinary chemical anchors, the main differences of stereotyped chemical anchors are as follows:
1. The appearance of stereotyped chemical anchor bolts is different from that of ordinary chemical anchor bolts.
2. The adhesive used is different: fixed anchors should be installed with injected planting glue, while ordinary chemical anchors should use chemicals;
3. Different ways of pressure. After using the injected planting glue, the formed anchor will form a corresponding glue layer between the hole wall and the anchor. After the glue is cured, the formed anchor can realize a pattern similar to the extended lower anchor. Mechanical locking effect. The chemical anchor is fixed by the adhesion between the chemical anchor and the hole wall.
4. The bearing capacity is different, the strength of general stereotyped chemical anchor bolts will be increased by 5% to 10% than that of ordinary chemical anchor bolts;
5. The price is different: the price of ordinary shape anchor + planting glue will be much higher than ordinary chemical anchor bolt. However, if the service life of an ordinary chemical anchor is 2 years, and the service life of a stereotyped chemical anchor is 50 years, the annual cost is much lower.

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