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The difference between chemical anchor and expansion bolts?

The chemical anchor is a new type of anchor that occurs after the expansion anchor, is fixed by a special chemical adhesive, and the screw is fixed to the concrete substrate drilling to achieve a composite of the fixture.

Application range:

■ The fixation of various equipment foundations; steel buried in various building structures; iron, railroads;

■ Curtain wall mounting anchor;
■ Installation anchoring of chemical equipment, pipelines, billboards, etc.
■ Water conservancy facilities, terminal, road, bridge, etc. have various anchors.

product advantages: 
■ Bonding against chemical substances, with strong sense of solid strength, shape is equivalent;
■ No expansion stress, low substrate requirements, can be applied in cracking concrete, small edge spacing;
■ The product is made of glass seal packaging, the chemical composition does not contact the atmosphere, the performance is stable, and the transparent glass can be directly visually visually measured in the tube, and the glass (SiO2) pulverized during the installation process directly acts as a bone, and the bond is more secure;
■ The product inner tube curing agent is also sealed by a glass, and thoroughly mixed quickly, and the installation is fast, and the construction time is saved;
■ Excellent performance, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature, aging resistance, good heat resistance, no creep, water resistant stains in the moisture environment, well-welding property, good flame retardant performance, good resistance.

The expansion bolt is covered with a circle, which is a slit on this circle, and a hole is played on the wall. Put the expansion bolt in this hole, and the ring drum is squeezed off when the bolt is tightened. This makes the bolt card in the hole. Get a fixed role.

Chemical bolts are anti-drawing and bolts themselves with the gripping force and mechanical bite force between concrete. They are mainly used in the connection of new and old structures. You can find manufacturers in the new and old structure. During the information provided by the manufacturer, it is different from the chemical adhesive produced by various manufacturers. Therefore, the bonding ability is also different. The most commonly used is German Huifish anchor, and Taiwan Guantou, Anhui Chemical bolts produced by manufacturers of Huainan anchors and chemical bolts are one of the rear embedded parts, and is used in the burial or post-construction project.

The difference between chemical bolts and expansive bolts is that the former has no stress, the latter has stress, the latter generates stress concentration in the concrete, thereby greatly increase the damage chance, and the structure is not safe. So now it is basically in the design of the curtain wall, and if the expansion bolt is affirmed if you want to review.