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Nature of the wedge anchor.

The wedge anchor has no higher requirements for concrete voids, and it is easy to install, and the price is not expensive. According to the thickness of the top plate, the appropriate buried depth is selected. With the increase in buried depth, the tension increases, and this product has reliable expansion function. The body material is stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.

The thread of the product is long, which is easier to install, usually used for heavy-duty facilities. To get reliable, huge fastening, it must ensure that the jaws that are fixed on the gehlium fully expand. And the expansion clamp ring cannot fall off from the rod or twisted the deformation tension value in the hole in cement strength.

The test obtained under the conditions of 260 ~ 300kgs / cm2, the maximum value of the safety load must not exceed 25% of the standard value.

Products are metal structures, metal profiles, bottom plates, support plates, brackets, rains, windows, curtain walls, machines, large beams, strings, brackets, etc. This product is threaded, easily installed, usually used for heavy load facilities.