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Tips: Several uses of common stainless steel pins

Pins, a type of fastener used to connect or fix, are more commonly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel pins can be divided into cylindrical pins, tapered pins, split pins, pins and so on. So what are the uses of these stainless steel pins, let me tell you today:
1. Stainless steel cylindrical pins
It is mainly used for positioning and can also be used for connection. It is fixed in the pin hole by means of interference fit. Its purpose is mainly different from the tapered pin. It has the effect of anti-shear and can withstand a certain load, but it is not large. It is mainly used for positioning and connection, so it should not be disassembled frequently, otherwise it will affect the positioning accuracy and the tightness of the connection. Can also be used as a safety pin.
2. Stainless steel taper pin
It is mainly used for positioning work in the connection of different equipment, and is often installed in parts that require frequent disassembly. It is characterized by a taper of 1:50 and good self-locking. Compared with the cylindrical pin, the tapered pin will not affect its accuracy even if it is removed and installed many times when it is also used for positioning.
3. Stainless steel split pin
The purpose of the stainless steel cotter pin is mainly to fix the relative position of the nut and the bolt. The specific method of use is to insert the cotter pin into the nut slot and the hole at the tail of the bolt after the nut is tightened. At this time, the tail of the cotter pin is pulled open to prevent the loosening of the nut and the bolt.
Fourth, the pin
It is a type of standardized fastener, usually used at the hinge of two parts, which can be fixed statically or moved relative to the connected parts. Its advantage is that it works well and is easy to disassemble.

The above are several introductions about the use of stainless steel pins, I hope to be helpful to you.