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How to make chemical anchors safer?


Speaking of chemical anchor bolts, I believe that people who do curtain walls and steel structures have some understanding. It is a new type of fastening material composed of chemical agents and metal rods. It is generally suitable for curtain walls and steel structures, and can also be used for equipment installation, road and bridge guardrail installation and other building reinforcement and transformation.

I have encountered problems such as: "Is your chemical anchors safe? Is the quality unreliable?"

For such problems, we can analyze and understand from the following points.

1. Is the safety of the chemical anchor itself

Chemical anchor bolts, as the name suggests, are also composed of some chemical components, so the fireproof properties of chemical anchor bolts are also generally concerned by everyone. Some organic chemical drugs may contain butadiene. Such substances will become unstable after heating, which will affect the fireproof properties of chemical anchors to a certain extent. It also depends on whether its manufacturer has multiple test reports, such as tensile and shear test reports. The safety performance of chemical anchors with this type of test report is definitely much higher than that of none.

2. The impact of operations during construction

Cleaning the hole wall will also adversely affect the chemical anchor to a certain extent. The larger the hole diameter, the smaller the drawing load. During the punching process, if the honeycomb holes come out, they should be moved to other parts before punching without affecting the honeycomb holes.

Excessive stirring will reduce the compressive strength of the chemical anchor, so the foundation depth can be marked on the anchor.

3. Affected by poor maintenance

The chemical anchor bolt is anchored by chemical agents, so before the gel is not fixed, the screw of the anchor bolt must not be shaken to avoid fixation failure.